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How It Works

Caliber Litigation Services is designed to streamline and simplify how litigation services are used and fulfilled. We are modeled after online rideshare services. You simply input the details of your matter and needs and our system matches your request with reporters whose availability and skills match your need. Easy, seamless and can be completed anytime, anywhere saving time and money while delivering quality services and peace of mind.

Lawrina, understand that a well-crafted Videography Contract template is essential to ensure a successful collaboration between clients and videographers. Lawrina comprehensive and customizable template covers all the necessary terms and conditions, including scope of work, payment terms, and cancellation policy. Both parties can establish clear expectations and avoid potential misunderstandings or disputes using Lawrina template.

Our system  matches your request to a court reporter’s schedule profile, the court reporter accepts the job and the order is added to the reporter’s schedule.

Our Services

Transcription Services

All our reporters and videographers are screened and interviewed by a member of Caliber Litigation Services. Most have come to us because of their outstanding reputation in the field. Whether you need a qualified reporter for a witness deposition, trial, hearing, arbitration or for corporate meetings, we have a dedicated professional ready for you.

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Realtime Services

Our reporters can provide you with high quality Realtime transcription services. Our professional transcriptionists have many years in the industry and are considered Realtime experts, often selected to train other reporters in Realtime services.

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Videography Services

Our trained videographers have many years in the art of legal videography. They have a deep knowledge of video, video editing and video text synching.

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Videoconferencing Services

Caliber Litigation Services offers state-of-the-art video conference services in the heart of the Chicago loop. Our experts keep abreast of all the newest technology available.

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Desktop Video Services

Our team consists of thought leaders and technology experts in Desktop Video. They can help guide you through the systems available and provide you with the best equipment for your Desktop Video services.

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Frequently Asked Questions See All FAQs

What inspired the development of Caliber?

The litigation services industry seemed to us to be a process stuck decades in the past. Caliber was developed to bring utilizing litigation services into the 21st century.

How is Caliber different?

Caliber takes all the traditional aspects of booking litigation services and completely automates the process with our intuitive interface thereby minimizing errors and streamlining the entire process.

Will Caliber work with all browsers?

Caliber will work with almost all enterprise browsers. Supported browsers include Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox.

Can I use a variety of devices with Caliber?

Yes, Caliber works on all desktops, laptops and tablet devices.

Is Caliber secure?

Yes, Caliber employs the same bank-level security as financial institutions.

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