Register on our user friendly court reporter portal and define your availability

Save time and frustration by only being alerted to assignments for which you are available

Easily manage your schedule and earnings via our custom portal

At Caliber, you are a valued part of our team

We realize that the backbone of what we do comes down to you, our talented and professional reporters. That’s why we have built our company with you at the cornerstone. We’ve added exciting incentives to help you with your day and make you feel part of our success. And, our proprietary dashboard will help you manage all aspects of your work at Caliber to maximize your time. Accept work, manage your calendar, submit files and review your earnings all in one system.

Key Features Include:

Tailor your work to fit you

Available on certain dates and times? Highly skilled at certain types of work? Just specify your preferences in your profile and only be alerted to projects that fit your requirements. Changes in your schedule? You can modify your profile at any time.

Detailed assignment notifications give you full knowledge of the project before you accept

Our automated alert system quickly notifies you of pending projects with complete job details. No more guesswork about projects or need to callback to get details. Our platform gives you all the pertinent information so you can accept your project with confidence.

Review all available jobs to work when you want

At Caliber, we understand that things happen and your schedule can change. That’s why you can log into our site at any time and view all available projects.

Our Reporter Calendar for at a glance convenience

We understand that a lot of us are visual people. That’s why we have built a custom calendar system which will tell you what work you have scheduled, what transcripts are due and where you need to be all in an easy to use calendar format.

A single place for you to estimate and track your earnings

Put away your calculator and paper invoices. Caliber automatically gives you an estimate of your earnings before you accept your project and keeps track of all your pay that you’ve earned while at Caliber. It’ll also track your incentive program awards.

One platform for all your work

The Caliber Portal offers one stop for all aspects of your work. Upload your final work product directly into the same portal that manages your schedule, alerts you to jobs and tracks your pay and incentives. It’s all about convenience. It’s about time.