We think it’s about time to change the litigation services industry

As veterans in litigation services, we think our industry follows decades-old practices. That’s why we’ve leveraged cutting edge technology and built our custom platform to bring litigation services into the 21st century.

Our Story

Caliber Litigation Services is different. We have a completely unique perspective on how litigation services should be offered. That’s why we’ve hired the best people in the industry and consulted with attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries, legal assistants and even accounts payable departments to best understand what they wanted from a litigation services provider. Their responses surprised us. The universal theme was make scheduling faster and easier. That’s what Caliber set as our goal – to make it easier for people to use our services from start to finish.

Faster and easier should not come at the expense of quality. At Caliber, we source only the best court reporters, videographers and support staff in their field. We treat them better and partner with them by providing incentives that recognize their contributions to our firm. We have a sense of loyalty to our reporters and to each other. And, faster and easier shouldn’t cost more. That is why we’ve built our organization on fair and transparent pricing. No hidden costs or surprises. At Caliber, we see things a little differently. It’s about time.

Our Leadership