Transcription Services

Transcription Services

Technology has had a profound impact on the legal profession, from the widespread use of electronic research tools, to the production of evidence in electronic form, to the use of electronic documents at trials. Through it all, however, the court reporting industry in important respects remained frozen in the twentieth century, refusing to move forward. Lawyers and their staff were required to telephone in transcript orders and wait to hear back about pricing, received electronic transcripts through email with no protection such as encryption, and waited weeks if not months, maybe even years, to receive paper invoices in the mail. A group of professionals in Chicago with extensive experience in litigation and litigation support saw the problems, heard the concerns of clients, and developed a court reporting firm that is changing the industry in every respect.

At Caliber, you can still order services and products by telephone, but you have the option of ordering court reporters, videographers, transcripts, and videos on line. Working closely with an outstanding web development firm, Caliber created an easy to use and completely free website that not only allows you to schedule depositions and order transcripts easily on line, but actually provides you with prices for your orders at the time of ordering. The system helps legal staff stay organized and on top of assigned matters, functioning as a complete transcription management tool. Each client has a dashboard that allows for review of scheduled or completed depositions, pending orders for transcripts, and paid and due invoices. You can sort the information by case, or by the status of activities. For example, you can sort and review upcoming depositions, or completed depositions. Caliber also provides a calendar for easier review and planning. You have the option of deciding who from your firm will receive notifications of scheduled events, and can even set up your dashboard to provide notice of events to clients or opposing counsel. Rather than having to search through files for invoices, or track down whether invoices have been paid, the information is available on your dashboard. Caliber has developed a system that will make our clients’ lives easier and give them extra time to focus on other matters.

Caliber is also secure. Transcripts often include social security numbers, bank account numbers, personal and sometimes embarrassing information and trade secrets. Most court reporting firms email transcripts to their clients. In this world of cyber breaches, that just doesn’t do anymore. At Caliber, when a transcript is completed it is uploaded into the secure dashboard for access by the client and the client is notified by email at that time that the transcript is available for viewing. Using Caliber will make it easy to assure your clients that their confidential and sensitive information is given the protection it deserves.

Caliber can also be used at any time from any location. You can set up a deposition on the train while you head home using your smart phone, and access a transcript on the weekend from your home.

Caliber also places a premium on valuing its employees, court reporters, and clients. Caliber provides unparalleled customer service. Caliber welcomes any suggestion for improvement or concern about a particular matter. Caliber will always have staff available for personal contact to help its clients. Caliber is committed to always listening and always considering how to provide better service to you. Caliber is also the first court reporting firm to offer its court reporters the opportunity to share in the success of the firm. Caliber has established a plan that allows court reporters the opportunity to share in the profits. By doing so, we incentivize our court reporters to provide the best service possible. Caliber is also the first court reporting firm to provide its clients with the opportunity to rate service after an event and use the rating as a basis for our clients’ future assignments.

Though headquartered in Chicago, Caliber’s system and network allow you to order court reporters and videographers throughout the country, from New York, to Milwaukee, to St. Paul, to Los Angeles. Because the same dashboard can be used regardless of where the event takes place, Caliber is the easiest way to schedule depositions across the country and to manage your transcripts and invoices. We want your life to be easier, and are confident that with our first-of-its-kind transcription services management system it will be.